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Benefits Advisor


Arlington, VA


Full Time

Located at Joint Base Myer - Henderson Hall


VA Benefits Advisors are the key point of contact for transitioning Service members (SM) going through Transition GPS. They are responsible for providing high-quality instruction and educating SMs and their dependents on veteran-related benefits and programs.
A Benefits Advisor is defined as an individual with a BA/BS degree and experience in education, training, or instruction of courses that are delivered via an instructor-led (i.e., traditional classroom setting or conference/seminar) and/or web-based systems (i.e., Internet/Intranet, software packages, and computer applications). The individual possesses high quality and effective oral and written communication skills, the ability to learn information in a rapid timeframe, and the ability to pass a personal background check. Four or more years of relevant experience may be substituted for a college degree.

The Benefits Advisor must successfully complete a two week standards-based Basic VA Benefits Advisor training course. Successful course completion includes passing a written test and an oral presentation at which time the Advisor may be considered fully qualified to perform in this position. Furthermore, once in the field, Advisors will be expected to deliver the briefings at a 90% proficiency level, based on the same observation and evaluation criteria that are used in the training program.



Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Participating in Basic Advisor training and meeting the quality Advisor standards prior to delivering briefings in the field.
  2. Providing the VA Benefits I and II briefings at all VOW / VEI deployed locations to 100% of transitioning SMs.
  3. As feasible, providing VA Benefits I and II Briefings at both permanent and itinerant locations when transition throughput surges or demobilizations occur.
  4. Providing support to Capstone events and the Military LifeCycle (MLC) when those roles are defined and execution commences.
  5. Providing individual assistance to requesting SMs related to the specific benefits outlined during the briefings.
  6. Ensuring sufficient participant materials (Participant Guides, Sign-In Sheets, Posters, Scenarios, Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents & Survivors books, etc.) are on-hand to present briefings.
  7. Providing sign-in sheets to 100% of participants attending the VA Benefits I and II Briefings in order to collect throughput data and determine performance metrics (no PII will be collected).
  8. Entering sign-in sheet data into the web-based data collection tool.
  9. Participating in ongoing refresher training as required.
  10. Implementing new curriculum updates as required.
  11. Participate in CTTT Advisor training and meet the quality Advisor standards prior to delivering this training in the field.
  12. Provide the Career Technical Training Track to requesting Service members.
  13. Possess experience with facilitation of adult learning (vice briefing). This may also be called guided discovery, or learner-centric education. It is the ability to involve the learners more actively in the learning process.
  14. Demonstrate facilitation skills, the ideal candidate can make everyone in the class feel comfortable, and valued; encourage participation; prevent and manage conflict; and listen and observe.
  15. Participate in Claims Development training and meet the required quality standards prior to developing claims for Service members.
  16. Develop claims for transitioning Service members requesting such assistance.


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